Provisioning commands allows to automate provisioning activities.


project-customization deploy-by-name

Deploy ProjectCustomization to the target environment.


project-customization deploy-by-name --env <env> [--maintenance-plan <maintenance-plan>]

Parameter Name Description Default Value Mandatory
env Name of target environment   Yes
maintenance-plan Name of maintenance plan   No


service-template provision

Provisions service template


service-template provision --key <key> --space <space> --deployment-profile <deployment-profile>

[--security-profile <security-profile>] [--area {design|development|application}]

[--async {[true]|false}] [--timeout <timeout>]

Parameter Name Description Default Value Mandatory
key Service template key   Yes
space Space key   Yes
deployment-profile Deployment profile name   Yes
security-profile Security profile name   No
area Area for provisioning. It has 3 options: ‘design’, ‘application’, ‘development’. By default it’s ‘design’. design No
async Flag that determines if command should be executed asynchronously false No
timeout Provision timeout in minutes (0 for infinite timeout) 0 No