Provisioning an Application or a Service Template

You can provision an Application or Service Template, i.e. deploy it within the Environment of a Cloud Provider (VMware, etc). Note that only tested templates are displayed in the Application Store view.

  1. Click on Application Operations, then click on Application Store view and Applications tab (for Application Template) or Modules tab (for Service Template).
  2. Select a published Application or Service Template in the Applications or Modules grid correspondingly.


Only the application and service templates that have been published are displayed on the Applications and Modules tabs.

  1. On the Actions ribbon, click on either Provision Application or Provision Module.
  2. Specify the required spaces, parameters, etc.; for details about these options, see Testing a template.
  3. Click on Provision.

You can now click on the Activity view to check the status (“Processing”, “Failed”, etc) of the template you are provisioning.