Managing Environments

An environment is a logical collection of application and/or service templates. Environment lets you group a number of tested templates in one place so that you could quickly deploy or upgrade all of them without having to edit and deploy dozens of separate templates one by one. An environment can include 1 application and a number of service modules, while a service module can contain lots of separate services.

Note that child templates of a composite template, either an app or a service one, are displayed on the Services tab. Only templates with the “Active” or “Ready for Provisioning” status are shown in the Environments view.

Environment is created and added automatically. Either of these two types of events lead to automatic generation of an environment:

  • Click on Design Studio, then click on Services view and Service Templates or Application Templates tab. On the Actions ribbon, click on Test Template.
  • Click on Application Operations, then click on Application Store view and Modules or Applications tab. On the Actions ribbon, click on Provision Module or Provision Application correspondingly.