Upgrading an Environment

If you have already added a Maintenance Plan, then you can use it to upgrade the required environment and the templates it contains.

  1. Click on Application Operations, then click on Environments view and Environments tab.
  2. Select an environment in the Environments grid.
  3. On the Actions ribbon, click on Upgrade, and then click on either Application or Module.


An environment can contain only 1 application; however, the environment can include lots of modules/services.

  1. In the Upgrade dialog box, select the service and maintenance plan you need, and click on OK.

The environment’s status is changed to “Processing”: you can click on the Activity view, then the Activity tab, to verify if the “Maintenance” operation has been completed successfully (the “Failed” status is displayed if not).

If successful, then all operations are archived and automatically moved to the Activity History tab.