Release Notes

Unity 2.10.0

New features:

  • Added Microsoft Azure Cloud Services provider support.
  • Added Dashboard that allows to create, import and filter templates. For each template, all information previously accessible in different locations is accessible now from the same place – Template Details dialog. Maintenance Plans, Project Archetypes, Environments and Activities related to a specific template may be easily monitored and set up. Also, from the same Template Details dialog, one may Edit, Test, Create Version, Publish, Unpublish, View or Delete the template. Filters may be applied on templates to list templates with a specific status, stereotype, category and other criteria.


  • New Service Types, Service Categories and Endpoint Types may be added directly from Add Service/Application Template dialog.


  • Separated template Version and Service Type.
  • Force Publish action moved to ERROR dialog when Publish validation is not passed.