What is Unity?

Unity platform is a cloud-based solution that enables you to manage data-centers, virtualize servers, set up cloud-hosted sites, and automate their deployment, configuration and upgrade processes.

Unity introduces the basic infrastructure to create, access and use applications residing on selected by qualified user prepared Cloud environments. The applications on the clouds are created with pre-defined by internal algorithms properties to conform to client requirements. The named process is defined in the system as Provisioning.

Unity stores the meta-data of the cloud applications in local objects for administrator information, and provides the entry points of cloud resources to end users. The system presents the naturally organized convenient centralized hierarchy of user profiles.

The operations are distributed between user groups such that customer is only given a set of application endpoints he is assigned to. The customers are organizations - Tenants - and their employees, and the system is able to make distinct sets of application endpoints for each of employee by decision of organization administrator.

Unity supports the following cloud providers and vendors:

  • OpenStack
  • VMware’s vSphere®
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Simple Bare Metal adds possibility to provision services into any pre-configured hosts (BM or VM).